Find the clarity and confidence you’ve been seeking, with a little help from nature

walk n talks are my signature service. A potent combination of nature + movement + coaching designed to help you find and clear your blocks, connect with what’s most important to you and start creating from there.

gain clarity and confidence
cultivate healthier relationships with yourself and others
feel inspired and excited about life

Join me for a 75min walk n talk in nature and you’ll leave feeling clearer, lighter, more grounded and inspired to start creating the changes you want to see!


3 easy steps to clarity


Book your walk n talk
using the online calendar


Fill out the pre-coaching


Grab your headphones, get
into nature and wait for Kayla’s call


Don’t spend another day wondering, ‘is this it?’


client love

I’ve been doing the walk and talks with Kayla on a weekly basis for the last month now and the changes I’ve seen are huge. From feeling better physically, mentally and spiritually, I recommend her mindset programme to anyone wanting to change their lives for the better or even just to try something different.
— cori

more info about walk n talks

How will my walk n talk work? . . .

Walk n talks are 75-minute coaching sessions that take place as we both take a walk in nature. Choose as one-off sessions or add them to your coaching program.

1) Fill out my pre-coaching questionnaire which I will send prior to our session. Filling this out will help you start to identify the areas that you want to focus on and helps give me a sense who you are, where you’re at and where you want to go. Return the questionnaire at least two days prior to your session. This will help us find our starting point.

2) Grab your headphones and walking shoes (or go barefoot if you can), head to your favourite local area (I'll most likely be on a beach somewhere) and wait for my call.

3) We'll walk and talk for 45-60 minutes, moving your energy and getting to the heart of what you want to shift.

4) For the last 15-30 minutes of our session, we'll sit down to summarise everything we've uncovered and to create your list of actions. I'll take notes and send these to you in a follow up email.

What is the investment for a walk n talk? . . .

The investment for a walk n talk is $199 NZD. This includes my analysis of your pre-coaching questionnaire, our 75min session and a follow up email with your action plan.

What are the benefits of a walk n talk? . . .

Walk n talks can provide you with the following benefits:

A Digital Detox - Swap screens for trees, fluorescent beams for natural light and air-conditioning for fresh air. Your body and your mind will thank you.

Creating Space - Coaching sessions are about you and only you. These are opportunities to take a breather, clear your head and invite some personal growth.

Reducing Anxiety - These sessions have become renowned for overcoming anxiety and evoking a sense of calm and control over your inner world.

Movement in Nature - Walking in nature helps us to feel grounded and relaxed. You'll experience stress relief and increased mental energy while also being held accountable to some physical exercise.

A Rational Perspective - As energy increases in your body with movement, your mind moves from an emotionally-dominant state to a more rational one, helping you to move quickly towards action and solutions.

Clarity and Actions - Together we'll come up with a clear and achievable action plan that you will feel inspired by and empowered to implement.