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Have you felt that nudge within? The one that says, “hey, excuse me, we’re not living the way you said we would!”

These are the some of the signs that you might be receiving that nudge (tick the ones that resonate with you):

  • Feeling blocked, but aren't sure why?

  • Tired of constantly comparing, but can’t stop scrolling?

  • Sick of the self-doubt, but the inner voice is too loud?

  • Tired of morphing into someone else, but feel like you’ve lost yourself?

  • Grasping spiritual concepts, but losing them as soon as you close the book?

  • Scattered but longing to feel more grounded, present and mindful?

  • Filling your time with work because you have forgotten what brings you joy?

If you want to change your future, you have to change your now.


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Do you feel like you’re carrying all your emotional pain around in an invisible backpack?

Like everything that’s “wrong” with you is crammed in there? It gets heavy, right? Maybe you have sore shoulders…back pain…or maybe you’re just sick of carrying it around? This stuff is weighing you down, holding you back and you’re over it.

I get it and I’m here to help.

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client love:

Working with Kayla has been hands-down the best decision I have ever made.

Over the course of 3 months, Kayla has helped transform my life in a truly profound way. I was able to overcome anxiety that I have experienced over the past 4 years, get rid of many unhealthy habits, address gaps in my business, become more productive, improve relationships and bring more balance into my life.
— Madina

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